Some ways to improve your king content

By: Mike Pham

Thousands of books, articles and forum entries have proved that content is king in search engine optimization (SEO). In this article, you can find some ways that can assist you improve the efficiency of this king content.

* Content for people first, not for search engines - Some web owners make a usual mistake that they optimize everything for search engines but forget about website visitors. The target of our web site is not only to acquire high search rankings, but also to sell our service. So you should give your web site visitors what they are really searching for. Make certain your content flows by nature and you're not just trying to stuff more keywords for the sake of search engines. If visitors don't find your content compelling they won't purchase from you.

* Studying popular search terms - High search engine position is influential if your web site only ranks high on terms no one searches for. It is necessary to ask your partners, providers, competitors, customers, ... or utilize online tools (e.g.: to determine what keywords which potential customers would use to search your website, then try to insert them to the content, in titles, and throughout the body.

* Creating a clear website organization - Build a website which is clear to navigate with a thoroughly linking structure. Every web page should be reachable from at least one text hyperlink. It's better to be sparing with Flash, image links, JavaScript dropdown menus, or other codes that are not HTML based... because the search engine crawlers cannot read text contained in these sorts of display. In case the utilization of them is needed, then make certain a text based menu or a site map is also contained in the website. In addition, you should utilize meaningful words in your URLs, use as simple a web page design and layout as possible.

* Building article directory - How can you optimise the content if your website only provides a simple service? That means there exists just a few pages in your entire website. So, in order to improve the quality of content, it is necessary to write some articles, reviews which are related to your service. A website with more web pages means there are more possibilities of different keywords that will become findable in search engines. You may consider adding free articles to your article directory. On the Internet today, we can find a lot of web sites which offer articles free for reprint. Certainly, you must accept the policy of these websites and authors before republishing these articles.

In summary, it is certain that content is king in the land of search engines. The quality of your website's content is the crucial factor which decides the success in Internet marketing. Therefore, improving your content is highly necessary.

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